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Apex Point is exceptional in the breadth of services to the Power, Telecommunications/IT, Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Chemical and Manufacturing industries.

No organization can stay competitive in today’s rapidly changing global markets. Our clients believe that outsourcing is the way to go as it is cost effective eliminating overheads. Our clients are important to us whether they range from small business or large organizations

Apex Point Sdn Bhd services range from Setting up accounting department and training using MYOB, outsource payroll services, facilitate expatriates to be compliant in working in Malaysia.

Our clients are high-end recruitment and management companies hiring candidates to work in Malaysia. If they do not have a set up in Malaysia we have the solution to work as their partners. Local companies alternatively can outsource the accounting/human resource and immigration services hence eliminating overhead costs. Establishing a business presence in Malaysia can be daunting especially if you do not know the procedures or regulations of the employment laws in Malaysia. If you have contracts in Malaysia, but do not wish to set up a company in Malaysia, our solution is providing to all our Clients Accounting/HR/Expatriate Services on an outsource basis which is a cost-effective way of eliminating overhead cost by not having to invest in an office or administration staff as well as acting as a hub for your company and placing your employees under Apex Point.

Outsourcing Payroll Services - Payroll, banking, Year-end taxation for both locals and Expatriates, year-end preparing of local EA forms and preparing and submission of Personal Taxation to income tax department for Expatriates as all documents are in Bahasa Malaysia.

Set Up Accounting Department - we assist companies’ set-up the Accounting Division with MYOB and templates for invoicing/payroll and training your relevant employee on manage this system.

HR Information Management/Advisory - Apex Point assist and advice in the administrative procedure which involve preparation of documents and letters in the proper hiring and termination of employees based on guidelines provided in the Malaysian Employment Act and advice on local government statutory requirements and compliance. Keeping Employees records and data for payroll purposes.

Preparation of Handbook - Most organizations have created some form of employee handbook, and for good reason. Not only does this document serve as a means to inform employees of their rights and responsibilities but it also acts as a reference guide for all employer policies. Apex Point will prepare handbooks according to the company’s terms and conditions.

Expatriate Services which include outsourcing work permits for Expatriates if you have a set up in Malaysia. Facilitate Expatriates/locals under our company if you do not have a set up in Malaysia.

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Our Expatriate Services

Applications for work permits can be a tedious task and one that can often lead to disappointment. Fully understanding the process can not only shorten the application and approval time but can also significantly increase the chances of success. An incorrect application will often result in rejection, and in many cases require a formal appeal to overturn the outcome. It is a requirement that in order to hire Expatriates in Malaysia companies are to register with Immigration Department to obtain approvals online. Apex Point is registered with immigration and allowed to place Expatriates under our company. Apex Point provides assistance in the processing of work permits and other employment passes if you are already registered with immigration department. Our Consultants are highly experienced and provide the best advice in obtaining approval of permit and work pass applications for Expatriates in Malaysia.